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Nisreen Simrin
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Nisreen Simrin

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

My Skills

Acrylic Painting
Art and Craft Classes
Canvas Painting
Glass Painting



A passionate artist holding a BFA degree. Conducted hundreds of Art workshops for both children and adults around the UAE in the past 9 years. Experienced in museum Education & Art Teaching. Instagram: @nisreenspops

Private Art Teacher

AED 350

Private Art teacher, teaching the following: Basics of Painting, Creative Art, Acrylic Painting, crafting. Age: 4 years old and above! 350 dhs per session per child. Duration of session: 2 Hours

Art & Crafts/ Painting workshops for groups

AED 1400

Total of 15 kids. Type of workshops as per request. Gathering event, birthday event, fun event. 2 hours (including canvases, instructions & art materials)

Slime Making Workshop

AED 130

2 hours workshop. Best quality Materials provided, designed especially for slime making. Workahop to be requested at least 10 days prior to the event. 130AED/ per child

Landscapes Acrylic painting workshop

AED 165

For Adults (and for teenagers), no previous painting experience required! 2 hours session including materials & step by step instructions! Minimum 3 person or more

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