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Sarah Khan
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Sarah Khan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My Skills

Academic Writer
Article Writer
Content Writer
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I am a new graduate with a degree in business administration with a blinding passion for writing. I have worked diligently through the years to foster a strong language and a versatile vocabulary. I am always motivated to write and always available to do so.

Story Writing

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I have been writing stories from a young age, hence it is second nature for me to write them. I am always available to write any kinds of stories, short, long, poetry novels and so on, and can also write stories for younger audiences.

Academic Writing

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I have previous experience of writing academic papers, essays, dissertations, research work and also in developing PowerPoint based projects at a university level and school level. I intend to offer similar services.

Content Writing

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I am well aware of the processes in digital marketing and how content and search engines are interlinked. I intend to offer services in content writing work as well.

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