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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bawabba?

I am a freelancers/small business, how will Bawabba work for me?

I am looking for freelancers/small businesses, how will Bawabba work for me?

Is Bawabba going to provide me 'work'?

For the Freelancers/ Small businesses

How can I verify my account? What are the advantages that I get?

How can I get rid of a review which is false in nature?

Where can I find my messages?

Service Seekers/Customers/Hirers

How can I communicate with a registered professional for a service he/she offers?

Is it necessary for a customer/service seeker to create an account?

How do I pay the Professional?

How do I rate and write a review for a professional?

User Profile

Who can view my profile?

How do I close my account?

Why is my account not visible in the search?

Why is my account suspended?

Why is my account closed?