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Mohd Waqas Ismail
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Mohd Waqas Ismail

United Arab Emirates

My Skills

Analytics Consultant
Business Consultant
Corporate Trainer
IT Consultant
Project Consultant



Technology Consultant, Mobile, Web Apps ,E-Commerce Specialist/Digital Media Marketing/Content Marketing Certified/PMP/SFC™️ / Google AdWords Certified / Google Analytics Qualified

Digital Marketing Consultant

AED 5000

A trusted adviser who is able to equip Digital marketing divisions of corporations with sound guidance on online marketing strategy and technology to maximize efficiency, grow revenue and generate positive ROI. Core competencies: Online Revenue

Digital Marketing Trainer

AED 5000

Technically sophisticated and business-savvy IT Management Professional with strong leadership qualification coupled with hands-on IS expertise. Result oriented Digital Media Marketer specializing in Search Engine Marketing, Digital/Social Media

E-Commerce Consultant

AED 5000

Manage, develop, and oversee channel recommendation, site execution, and web cadence communication provided by eCommerce Specialist • Passionate to find opportunities to improve processes, analysis and critical metrics

Software Project Consultancy

AED 7000

Create, manage and track project vehicles, including, but not limited to: ⦁ Project schedules ⦁ Detailed project plans ⦁ Project scope statements ⦁ Cost estimates ⦁ Resource plans ⦁ Risk and issues logs ⦁ Status reports

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